First release candidate of tinylog 2.0 is out

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With the release of tinylog 2.0.0-RC1, tinylog 2 is feature complete. From now on, there will only be bug fixes. The first release candidate, for which no bugs are reported, will be released unchanged as the final version 2.0.0.

With the new version, tinylog brings support for the logging back-ends of all common web and application servers. The new artifact tinylog-jul can output log entries on Tomcat, Glassfish, and all other servers that use java.util.logging (JUL) as logging back-end. The second new artifact tinylog-jboss can output log entries on Wildfly, JBoss EAP, and all other servers that use JBoss Logging as logging back-end.

Both new artifacts can be used instead of tinylog-impl. It is also possible to use these server adapters together with tinylog-impl concurrently, if log entries should be output by tinylog as well as by the logging back-end of a server.

There is a new placeholder {timestamp} for outputting the UNIX timestamp of log entries. By default, the timestamp will be output in seconds. However, this placeholder is configurable and {timestamp: milliseconds} will output the timestamp in milliseconds. The new placeholder has been developed by ryanthon (thank you very much for the pull request!) and can be used like all other placeholders in a format pattern.