Second release candidate of tinylog 2.0 is out

July 16, 2019

All JARs of tinylog are valid modules now. Thus, tinylog can be used easily in modular Java applications that are using the Java Platform Module System. For consistency, tinylog uses the new module names also as bundle names for OSGi.

Maven Artifact New Module/Bundle Name
tinylog-api org.tinylog.api
tinylog-api-kotlin org.tinylog.api.kotlin
tinylog-api-scala org.tinylog.api.scala
jcl-tinylog org.tinylog.api.jcl
log4j1.2-api org.tinylog.api.log4j12
jul-tinylog org.tinylog.api.jul
jboss-tinylog org.tinylog.api.jboss
slf4j-tinylog org.tinylog.api.slf4j
tinylog1.3-api org.tinylog.api.tinylog13
tinylog-impl org.tinylog.impl
tinylog-jul org.tinylog.adapter.jul
tinylog-jboss org.tinylog.adapter.jboss

Furthermore, the placeholder {timestamp} no longer inserts an SQL timestamp but a numeric UNIX timestamp in database tables. The placeholder {date} can be used for SQL timestamps.

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