Second release candidate of tinylog 2.1 is out

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In previous versions, tinylog replaced not only plain “{}” placeholders, but also curly brackets with any text between, when using third-party logging API. This caused incompatibilities with SLF4J, for example. Now, tinylog replaces only placeholders that are explicitly supported by the used third-party logging API.

In the new release candidate, it is possible to escape curly brackets or entire phrases by using single quotes, when issuing log entries with arguments via tinylog’s logging API."Curly brackets as placeholder {} or escaped '{}'", value);

However, this feature has to be explicitly enabled in the configuration file for compatibility reasons.

escaping.enabled = true # default: false

Additionally, there is a class loader fix. If tinylog is initialized in a thread without a context class loader, tinylog can use the class loader from configuration class to avoid a NullPointerException. This fallback mechanism fixes an issue that was initially reported when using the Poynt SDK with tinylog.