tinylog 2.1.2 released

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With version 2.1.2, tinylog can now easily be used in Eclipse plug-ins and RCP applications. All tinylog artifacts were already before valid OSGi bundles. However, the API bundle was not able to find the implantation of the logging provider at runtime due to classloader issues.

Now, tinylog-impl, tinylog-jboss, and tinylog-jul are declared as fragments for tinylog-api. This also has the advantage that OSGi bundles and Eclipse plug-ins using tinylog as logging framework do not need to declare or depend on a concrete logging backend implementation. Thus, tinylog automatically use the logging backend implementation available at runtime.

There is now an official P2 repository for tinylog: http://tinylog.org/p2-repository/2.1.2/. This repository can be used as software site in a target platform. A minimal example project for using tinylog in an Eclipse plug-in and feature is available on GitHub: https://github.com/tinylog-org/tinylog-eclipse-plugin-example.