First milestone of tinylog 2.5 is out

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tinylog 2.5 has a new binding for System.Logger. Java introduced System.Logger as a generic logging API with version 9. The optional binding can be found on the download page and outputs all log entries that are issued via System.Logger via the logging back-end of tinylog. Special thanks to Trig, who has developed the new binding.

For the rolling file writer, there is a new dynamic placeholder and a new dynamic policy. The dynamic placeholder can be used for setting and changing a part of the path to the log file dynamically in Java by calling the static method DynamicSegment.setText(). The initial text can be set as {dynamic: initial text}. Setting a new text triggers a rollover event for the dynamic policy. Additionally, a rollover event can be triggered directly by calling the static method DynamicPolicy.setReset().

Example rolling file writer configuration:

writer          = rolling file
writer.file     = logs/{dynamic: foo}/log_{count}.txt
writer.policies = startup, dynamic

Many thanks to Simon Legner, who has developed the placeholder and policy.

Already with tinylog 2.4, a JSON writer was introduced for outputting log entries as JSON. With tinylog 2.5, the writer sets correct array brackets after each flush and not only when closing the JSON log file. This improvement makes it easier to parse the JSON log file while tinylog is still writing log entries into it.

By default, tinylog’s JDBC writer inserts log entries into the configured table in the database’s default schema. Thanks to Sollder1, it is now possible to configure a specific schema:

writer        = jdbc
writer.url    = jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/example
writer.schema = public
writer.table  = LOG_TABLE

With the new tinylog version, it is also possible to define and resolve JNDI values in configuration files. The format for JNDI value placeholders is @{value}, which resolves the JNDI value from java:comp/env/value.

Example for resolving the path from java:comp/env/log/path:

writer      = file
writer.file = @{log/path}/log.txt

Furthermore, tinylog 2.5 brings many bug fixes and new minor features such as support for Scala 2.13 and the ability to extend the TinylogLoggingProvider for using another ContextProvider.