First Release Candidate of tinylog 2.1 is out

January 12, 2020

The first release candidate of tinylog 2.1 brings several improvements and new features for configuring tinylog, using tinylog with Scala, and outputting exceptions. All new improvements and features are ready to use. Further release candidates will only contain bug fixes. The first release candidate, for which no bugs are reported, will be released unchanged as the final version 2.1.0.

In the new version, it is possible to define default values for environment variables and system properties in configuration files for tinylog. These default values will be used if an environment variable and system property is not set to ensure that tinylog will work as expected nevertheless. Many thanks to simonsilvalauinger for the idea and implementation!

Already since the first version, tinylog loads the configuration from the properties file automatically. With the new version, tinylog supports also as configuration for tests and as configuration for development. This makes it easier to use different configurations for different environments. Details can be found in the configuration documentation.

The artifact of tinylog’s Scala API contains the Scala version now. This makes it easier to use and find the artifact. The new artifact name is org.tinylog:tinylog-api-scala_2.12:2.1.0-RC1.

The biggest new feature are throwable filters for filtering and transforming exceptions to get a clearer and more readable output. For example, it is possible to remove internal and generated stack trace elements from the stack trace or to unpack a RuntimeException to output only the exception that caused it. There are four configurable throwable filters, which can be adapted to meet individual requirements.

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tinylog 2.0.1 released

December 1, 2019

tinylog 2.0.1 includes a workaround for ProGuard to avoid incorrect removal of tinylog classes. Thus, tinylog can be used again without the rule “-dontshrink” with ProGuard. The required ProGuard rules for tinylog are documented on the configuration page. Many thanks to grill2010 for reporting this issue and great support with developing a workaround.

Additionally, all tinylog services (logging providers, writers, and policies) have default constructors now. This solves an issue with generating native images via GraalVM. Many thanks to MarkusKramer for reporting this problem. However, there still seem to be a few problems on GraalVM side to make native images really work.

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tinylog 2.0 released

August 21, 2019

After three years of development, this is it. tinylog 2.0 is here! Since no bugs were found for the second release candidate within one month, it can be released unchanged as the final version 2.0.0.

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Second Release Candidate of tinylog 2.0 is out

July 16, 2019

All JARs of tinylog are valid modules now. Thus, tinylog can be used easily in modular Java applications that are using the Java Platform Module System. For consistency, tinylog uses the new module names also as bundle names for OSGi.

Maven Artifact New Module/Bundle Name
tinylog-api org.tinylog.api
tinylog-api-kotlin org.tinylog.api.kotlin
tinylog-api-scala org.tinylog.api.scala
jcl-tinylog org.tinylog.api.jcl
log4j1.2-api org.tinylog.api.log4j12
jul-tinylog org.tinylog.api.jul
jboss-tinylog org.tinylog.api.jboss
slf4j-tinylog org.tinylog.api.slf4j
tinylog1.3-api org.tinylog.api.tinylog13
tinylog-impl org.tinylog.impl
tinylog-jul org.tinylog.adapter.jul
tinylog-jboss org.tinylog.adapter.jboss

Furthermore, the placeholder {timestamp} no longer inserts an SQL timestamp but a numeric UNIX timestamp in database tables. The placeholder {date} can be used for SQL timestamps.

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First Release Candidate of tinylog 2.0 is out

July 7, 2019

With the release of tinylog 2.0.0-RC1, tinylog 2 is feature complete. From now on, there will only be bug fixes. The first release candidate, for which no bugs are reported, will be released unchanged as the final version 2.0.0.

With the new version, tinylog brings support for the logging back-ends of all common web and application servers. The new artifact tinylog-jul can output log entries on Tomcat, Glassfish, and all other servers that use java.util.logging (JUL) as logging back-end. The second new artifact tinylog-jboss can output log entries on Wildfly, JBoss EAP, and all other servers that use JBoss Logging as logging back-end.

Both new artifacts can be used instead of tinylog-impl. It is also possible to use these server adapters together with tinylog-impl concurrently, if log entries should be output by tinylog as well as by the logging back-end of a server.

There is a new placeholder {timestamp} for outputting the UNIX timestamp of log entries. By default, the timestamp will be output in seconds. However, this placeholder is configurable and {timestamp: milliseconds} will output the timestamp in milliseconds. The new placeholder has been developed by ryanthon (thank you very much for the pull request!) and can be used like all other placeholders in a format pattern.

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Minor Update for SLF4J API

May 19, 2019

tinylog 2.0.0-M4.3 fixes a NullPointerException when passing null as marker via the SLF4J API. Thanks to Sander for reporting this issue.

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New Update for Fourth Milestone

April 1, 2019

tinylog 2.0.0-M4.2 renames the property tag of the logcat writer into tagname to avoid conflicts between tinylog tags and logcat tags. Thanks to mailz for identifying the collision of both types of tags.

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Minor Update for Fourth Milestone

March 24, 2019

It is no longer necessary to import org.tinylog.Supplier when using tinylog’s Scala logging API.

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Fourth Milestone of tinylog 2.0 is out

March 23, 2019

tinylog 2.0.0-M4 brings dedicated logging APIs for Scala and Kotlin. If you use one of both languages, you can add the matching artifact to your project and use the new logger object. This avoids unnecessary casts, which was required in Scala and Kotlin using the ‘normal’ logger class, and brings native support for lambdas and higher-ordered functions. Lazy interpolation of strings with embedded variables is quite easy now.

Lazy message passed as lambda in Kotlin: { "Hello $name!" }

Lazy message in Scala thanks to the use of macros:"Hello $name!")

Until now, it was impossible to use pipes in format patterns. The reason is that the pipe is reserved as separator between placeholders and style options. Thus, tinylog 2.0.0-M4 introduces {pipe} as placeholder for pipes.

For example:

writer        = console
writer.format = {level|min-size=5} {pipe} {thread|min-size=8} {pipe} {message}

Possible output:

DEBUG | main     | Hello World!
INFO  | thread-1 | Goodbye

The new milestone of tinylog 2 contains also several bugfixes. Now it is possible to use tinylog 2 in a Java Web Start application. In the previous milestones, tinylog 2 used a wrong class loader for loading services. Under some rare conditions, the rolling file writer could found files as log files that doesn’t match the defined log file pattern. This is fixed in the new milestone. Also, nested format patterns with style options do work again. Many thanks to gabrielnasser, adolgiy, and scott-rc for reporting the issues and supporting the analyses.

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Third Milestone of tinylog 2.0 is out

February 18, 2019

With the third milestone, tinylog 2.0 provides support for the logging APIs of Apache Commons Logging (JCL), Apache Log4j 1.2 and JBoss Logging 3. Already since the previous milestone, JUL, SLF4J and tinylog 1.3 are supported. Thus, all planned third-party logging APIs are implemented now.

For Apache Commons Logging (JCL) and JBoss Logging 3, tinylog provides bindings. This means that the original JARs of both framework can be used together with tinylog by just adding tinylog’s binding for these both frameworks.

Since Apache Log4j 1.2 does not support bindings, tinylog offers a replacement for the legacy Log4j-JAR. This means that the legacy Log4j-JAR has to be removed from the classpath, when using tinylog’s log4j1.2-api.

Furthermore the fix of tinylog 1.3.6 for ConcurrentModificationExceptions that can occur, if system properties change while loading the configuration, has been merged to tinylog 2.

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